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Are you Ready to Transform into an Agile and Resilient Organization?

Make the shift from fuzzy to clarity

The shift to transform into an agile, resilient, and well-aligned organization can be complex, challenging, and often uncomfortable. It calls for significant behavioral shifts, organization restructuring and changes in ways of working.

Assessing organization-wide readiness at the outset is vital to set you up for success. 

Transformation Readiness Reality Check Assessment

Know where to start

To realize aspirations, its essential to understand the current reality. Set the foundation to ask key questions at each phase of the transformation. Gain clear path to resolve problems.


Are our Board and C-suite willing to change and gain strategic agility, set a clear direction for now, near, next and beyond; and get a buy-in?

Board approving a strategy significantly diverging from past approaches is challenging as the implication of the strategy is not well understood. It assess the readiness to implement new practices, balancing capital allocation, and two-way communication of the growth and progress narrative to all employees.


Is our culture healthy to create the foundation required for changes in behaviors and mindsets of people to ensure business success?

It helps assess if the culture is aiding or hindering strategy execution by understanding the level of risk tolerance, aligned leadership & employees, psychological safety, information flow, accountability, decision-making, work ethics, rewards & recognition, motivation, trust, transparency. 

Capability & Capacity

Does the organization have the capability and capacity to shift without unsettling the present? What are the key gaps and risks?

Implementing change requires specialized skills, breaking silos and organization barriers, and availability of adequate resources including human and financial capital. Taking stock of the available skillsets; ability to attract talent; and the bandwidth of leaders to plan, lead and measure the changes is equally important.

Dimensions of Readiness Assessment

Conduct an organization-wide, department wise, group or a statistically relevant number of people readiness assessment. Determine the level of preparedness in across different dimensions.

The assessment evaluates the readiness of board members, leaders across all levels, employees in a systematic manner. Supported by extensive research, lived experiences to deliver expert insights.

Use our health checks as  stand alone  tools to boost productivity or gauge readiness to transform into an agile and resilient organization.

Try the Complimentary Assessments

Receive a complementary analysis in exchange for 5 to 10 minutes of your valuable time.

Are you an Explorer, Exploiter or Dual Innovator

Identify if your growth depends on incremental improvements or you are set for exponential growth or are a dual innovator.

Change Readiness

Assess how well your organization is geared to anticipate, design, and execute change initiatives to shape an adaptive organization.

What will you Receive?

Leaders can go beyond anecdotal evidence by analyzing the relationships between people, processes, systems, and performance measures. Identify specific challenges using the data-driven approach to change readiness. Take right action at the right time to create a human-centered and inclusive work environment.

Organization readiness surveys

An easy to administer online assessment to unlimited employees, tailored to address your needs. The quantitative assessment gives a directional trend of what happened.

Insights report

Based on the survey results and quantitative assessment, we provide your enterprise  findings and recommendations with actionable, practical steps to accelerate progress. 

Unpack human-centered insights

Gain a deeper insights of nuances of the organization culture with qualitative assessments. Understand the why and learn what your people see, hear, think, and feel. 

SME debrief

An expert will provide valuable external perspective to prioritize the interventions, improve adoption of new processes and tools and ways to build competency. We also introduce you to a proven scalable framework to prepare for the transformation journey. 

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