A learning experience that helps retention, direct application, and ongoing use.

Why build your adaptive skills right now? 

        It's never been more important to become well-aligned, agile, and resilient to get you from A to B.


This is the first time that EVERY SINGLE RISK is not a probability but a verifiable fact. Hence, it's no longer about risk prevention - it's about adaptation.

Source: World Economic Forum


Engagement among Gallup Exceptional Workplace Award winners is 70%. They have 14 engaged employees for every one actively disengaged employee - 11 times the global average.

Source: Gallup


The rate of change affecting businesses has risen steadily since 2019 - rising 183% over the past four years and over 33% in the past year alone.

Source: Accenture


44% of the worker skill will be disrupted over the next five years - with analytical skills, creative thinking, and technological literacy among those in greatest demand.

Source: World Economic Forum

Boost your reimagination and reinvention skills to build better, brighter, & bolder things, together

We help you upskill and reskill your people to become agents of change and transform your organization. We provide a learning experience that helps long-term retention, direct application, and ongoing use to create a positive impact.

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A robot can't replace cognitive and socio-behavioral skills needed in the future of work.

Future success depends on building T-shaped people and high-performing teams.

Superpower Skills Drive Success

We fast track skill building for busy professionals, teams and organization that quickly drive success, boosts productivity, and foster a culture of collaboration.

Why Us?

We build skills and capabilities, not dependency.

We help you to identify and eliminate the habits and behaviors that hinder your progress and productivity. We aim to provide you with easy-to-implement techniques that promote original thinking, foster collaboration, and encourage innovation to realize an agile and resilient strategy.

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Co-Creation as a Change Lever
Small Cohorts
Digital Platform
Live Assignments
Multi-faceted Toolkit
Led by Experts
Learn from Experience

What our Alumni are Saying

The Practitioner Certification Program “Strategic Agility for Leaders” has enormously influenced my professional growth. Your passion, expertise, and commitment have profoundly altered my outlook on the future. I look forward to implementing these invaluable insights to help my organization thrive in the coming years and make a positive impact. Your training exceeded my expectations; you incorporated visionary thinking, strategic planning, and practical application into each session. Your ability to connect theory and practice was remarkable.

Anchalina Mathew, VP – HR and Operations, Indevia Accounting Pvt. Ltd.

Strategic Agility for Leaders is an apt name for this program, so beautifully curated by Dr. Vidya Priya Rao for time-starved executives. In this course, I have learned the core concepts of agility and resilience, did sufficient hands-on activities using well-structured templates, and got comfortable handling uncertainty. Throughout the program, I was able to evaluate my professional approaches to strategy within my organization and make a few changes in my everyday work.

Arkadip Basu, Senior Director, TCG Digital Solutions (India)

Your style of facilitating is very unique in the way you involved all of us from different geographies. What also made a difference was your ability to draw each of our visions and challenges are for the business and the work we do. The way you examine the concepts under strategy inviting each of us to look at areas we could both individually and as a team improve. My colleagues have started noticing a stark difference in my ways of working and want to know my secret sauce..

Srikirt Suri Mulakaluri, Analytics and Modelling Program Manager, Accenture

Flagship Course: Strategic Agility for Leaders

If you want to master the mindset, principles, skillset and toolkit to REIMAGINE and REINVENT the organization to become agile, resilient, and well-aligned, this the course is for you.

3 Levels of Capability Building Program

A program that enables you to build a design-led innovation culture in your organization and scale adaptive skills. We partner with you to co-create comprehensive initiatives aimed at empowering your teams to enhance creativity, collaboration, and human-centered approaches.


Build your reimagination & reinvention skills. Become a front-line change maker with a human-centered approach,  strategic thinking and a design-led adaptive toolkit in your daily work to tackle problems (irresolution to resolution) and make solutions visible delivering business results.


Become highly skilled at preparing,  designing, and facilitating meetings;  problem-solving, transformation, strategy, and innovation work sessions that get results for diverse audiences. Become adept at bringing critical conversations to the forefront and addressing long-standing barriers.


Learn to teach design and strategic thinking to help colleagues develop new skills to deal with uncertainty, increase the throughput of successful strategic initiatives, solve complex problems, learn from failure, and forge a commitment to change mindsets and transform the organization.

Formats of delivery

Cross Company for Individuals and Small Teams

Participants from diverse backgrounds and industries come together in cross-company programs, where learning isn't just facilitated by IMT trainers, but also by fellow participants.

In-Company (Scalable for 10 to 10,000+)

IMT Academy offers in-company programs designed for participants within the same organization, with tailored content centered on specific goals and a shared vision.

Our approach for Enterprise Learning


Evaluate the issues, roadblocks, policies and processes slowing your progress and throwing you off-track. Identify the ambitious goals of the enterprise and desired learning outcomes.


Keynotes and interventions to inspire people across all levels to be on the same page strategically and culturally. Train leaders for design walk-the-talk sessions for consistent communication.


Equip participants with design toolkits (templates, guides) via workshops, skill challenges and coaching to learn by doing along the learning journey and find the common ground to make learning stick.


Train identified employees to become Facilitators to plan and design work sessions for teams to realize the outcomes; Instructors to help colleagues develop future skills and capabilities.

IMT Academy Courses

Explore our existing courses below (by clicking on the tab).

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Make Strategy Happen

Embrace uncertainty and bet on failure to turn ambition into reality. Use the proven Agile and Resilient Strategy framework and toolkit to make bold decisions, create a robust tangible vision, enable customer-centric changes and guard against disruption.

Business with Purpose

Declare the purpose. Clarify why the organization exists, what it does to enhance the competitiveness and create a positive impact by improving the economic, environmental and societal conditions by leveraging the whole business.

Lead Change

Enable change agents to identify the nature of change, assess the organization dynamics, create case for change & increase buy-in, create a culture of accountability, deal with barriers and successfully lead the change initiatives.

Embrace Simplicity, Eliminate Complexity

Identify unnecessary processes, structures and tasks. Remove obstacles and eliminate redundancies to free up time and focus on the work that matters. Measure your simplification efforts. Make simplification a habit to benefit your enterprise.

Better Business Models, Products, and Services

Reimagine business models, products, services, and experiences for NOW, NEAR and NEXT to create value for customers. Make business case for a sustainable innovation portfolio. Bring ideas to market at speed and scale it with a digital solution responsibility.

Reboot Employee Experience

Rethink employee needs in a hybrid work environment and ways to build a culture of trust and transparency. Demystify what will make work more meaningful. Focus on their wellbeing, DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), engagement, productivity, recognition and retention.

Business Transformation

Understand the triggers for change, prepare for the economic uncertainty, seek fresh perspectives and feedback to solve complex problems, develop leadership skills, and effectively use digitalization to unlock new growth trajectories to become future-ready.

Envision a Sustainable Future

Focus on issues having an economic, environmental, and social impact and the various intersections to rethink sustainability from the stakeholders perspective. Create a roadmap for sustainable development and learn ways to change and adapt human systems.

Drive Growth and Innovation

Master the practice of innovation to unleash the collective genius of the enterprise to transform the way its viewed, managed and measured . Set the stage for continuous, transformative innovation at scale that fuels business growth in the present and future.

Build Design-Led Innovation Culture

Develop the skills, mindsets, environment, practices, processes and measures to build and innovation culture. Build high-performing teams to innovate, be responsive and adapt business and operating models, offerings to meet the current and emerging needs and demand.

Design a Learning Organization

Reimagine the L&D capabilities to transform L&D from a 'process developer and maintainer' to a 'learning experience architect'. Make learning-oriented paths to tangible career growth and scale the learning process across the entire organization for meaningful outcomes.

Develop Better Customer Experiences

Align CX with company's purpose, vision and values. Drive out inefficiencies which does not add value to customers. Measure the right things to prove customer benefits and operationalize CX ambition. Identify your next steps on your journey to CX Excellence.

Not finding the right course? Want additional details? We are here to help.

What our Alumni are Saying

The Design Leadership Program stands out as unique, imparting skills to communicate about design and its value effectively with the C-suite from a business standpoint. Moreover, the course is structured to accommodate full-time employment commitments.

by Satheesh Seetharaman, Head of Innovation, Access Healthcare Services

The program facilitated a shift in my perspective, initiating my transition from a design practitioner to a design leader. It has guided me in adjusting my behaviors and envisioning a clear trajectory. 

by Piyush Singh, Innovation Leader, APAC - CNH Industrial

Implementing the learnings from the Embrace Simplicity course, we Identified initiatives to enhance efficiencies in our business operations. It streamlined our processes and provided a deeper understanding of market dynamics compared to traditional indicators.

by Swaroop Biswas, Head of UX, Hexaware Technologies

Alumni Benefits

Upon completing an IMT course, you join an expanding, worldwide alumni community of over 1000 students, where the learning adventure persists.

Alumni Events

Participate in events and workshops to broaden your network and continue learning.

Expert lectures

Lectures from industry thought leaders and gamechangers.

Digital platform access

Continued access to the digital learning platform.

New Tools

Gain access to new tools and methodologies to support your daily responsibilities.

New Courses

Be among the first to receive updates on new courses from IMT Academy.

Further support

Keep learning through coaching and mentorship provided by our trainers and consultants.

Still Unsure? We Get It.

Enrolling in the certification course "Strategic Agility for Leaders" offered by us is an important career decision.

It comes with a 14-day money back guarantee, no questions asked.


We understand that investing in our courses is one of the best career decisions you will ever make. However, we recognize that you may not be aware of this yet.



Test our service for free before committing. Enroll in the paid course if satisfied continue, or get a refund. That's our guarantee. Do read our Terms of Purchase for additional information.


To help you make a decision, we would be happy to arrange a call with you to answer any questions and find a solution that suits you. Please get in touch with us today.


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